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Pace of Play (and how to speed up)
A good pace of play is an important element in having a good experience at the golf course. It’s often a combination of little things not done that contribute to slow play and on-course traffic jams.
Pace of play isn’t about rushing your shots, it’s about being ready to take your shot when it’s your turn, and behaving efficiently on the golf course.
Remember, arrive at your starting tee a few minutes before your allotted tee time.
Numerous practice swings, lengthy delays lining-up putts and pacing out distances prior to club selection are not sensible practices for average golfers.
Leave your bags or golf buggies to the side of the green, and in the direction of the next tee, never in front of the green.
Be aware of golfers both in front and behind you, speed up when required and don’t hinder other golfers playing quicker than you.
Most experts say that a good pace of play not only increases enjoyment of the game, it can actually improve one’s game. Standing around on every shot allows the muscles to cool down or limbs to stiffen up. A brisk pace can help keep a golfer loose and ready to play.
Pace of play can be boiled down to two simple phrases: be prepared and be ready to play.
Use the groups ahead of you and behind you to gauge your pace. If the group that teed off directly in front of you is pulling away – putting a full holes distance between them and your group – you need to speed up. If there’s no one in front of you holding you up, but you are holding up those behind you, either speed up or allow the trailing group to play through.