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Yorkshire Golf Union Ladies Leagues

Ladies matches are played between mid-April and mid-July.
Matches have priority on the 1st Tee.

Fixtures 2017

Scratch Team
Fri 21 April - Tee 12.30pm Wetherby (Home)
Thurs 4 May - Tee 1:00pm Scarcroft (Home)
Thurs 25 May - Tee 1:00pm Wetherby (Away)
Wed 28 June - Tee 11.00am Hessle (Away)
Fri 7 July - Tee 11.00am Hessle (Home)
Thurs 13 July - Tee 11.15am Scarcroft (Away)
A Team
Fri 28 April - Tee 1.45pm Masham (Home)
Fri 5 May - Tee 12.00pm Wilton (Away)
Fri 19 May - Tee 1.30pm Wilton (Home)
Wed 31 May - Tee 1.15pm Ganton (Home)
Thurs 8 June - Tee 12.10pm Ganton (Away)
Mon 19 June - Tee 2:00pm Masham (Away)
B Team
Mon 8 May - Tee 11.00am Ilkley (Away)
Fri 12 May - Tee 1.15pm Scarthingwell (Home)
Mon 22 May - Tee 1.15pm Hunley hall (Home)
Thurs 1 June - Tee 11.00am Ilkley (Home)
Wed 14 June - Tee 1.30pm Scarthingwell (Away)
Fri 14 July - Tee 1:00pm Hunley hall (Away)