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With regard to frost on the greens and the use of temporary greens the policy is:
Weekdays – the conditions will be checked twice each day and temporary greens removed where conditions allow.
Weekends and competition days – the conditions will be check early in the morning.

J Talbot
Course Manager


The recent wet weather has created challenging course conditions and so the following guidelines are being issued in an effort to minimise course damage, thereby improving playing conditions and helping keep the course open.
• When conditions are muddy or icy, please try to clean material off your golf spikes prior to walking onto the greens/temporary greens. This will reduce compaction, improve putting conditions and lessen the risk that disease will take hold.
• Please do not take trolleys into cordoned off areas or within 5 metres of the greens.
• Use paths wherever possible and try not to wheel trolleys through wet and muddy areas, particularly in the vicinity of tees and greens.
• Take particular care when using tee steps in icy conditions as these can remain icy and difficult to negotiate with studs.
• There will be periods when, in the interests of minimising damage to the course, general use of personal and club buggies will not be permitted. However, unless conditions are extreme, we will continue to allow buggy use by those members who would otherwise be unable to play. We do not intend to seek medical evidence unless there are concerns that this approach is being abused.
• At all times buggies must be kept at least 10 metres away from greens. Additionally, in poor conditions, buggy users will be issued with specific instructions by the Course Manager identifying routes that should be used to minimise damage. Members should be aware that, in many cases, buggies will be routed on fairways rather than the rough because of better drainage.
Efforts will be made in the coming weeks to lay artificial turf paths as identified in the recent presentation to members. Additional anti slip strips will also be installed on tee steps. It is hoped that these actions will further improve conditions under foot.
Thank you in anticipation for your cooperation.

Derek Slack
Greens Chairman
13 December 2016