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Mixed Competition Results

Claude Weastell Trophy
Sun 8 May 2016
First QualifierM Forster & M Henderson70.5
Second QualifierK & P Neely72
Third QualifierG & G Rigby72.5
Fourth QualifierP Bruce & R Bowden73
Fifth QualifierE & S Hicks73.5
Sixth QualifierL Gallagher & A Wilson76.5
Seventh QualifierL & D Slack76.5
Eighth QualifierV Wilson & H Oxley77
3 plays 6    2 plays 7     8 play 1     5 plays 4
Quarter Finals played by 27th June
Semi Finals played by 1st Aug
Final played by 5th Sept     No extensions will be given.
Gent's Invitation
Wally Tester Memorial Trophy
Sun 16 Aug 2015
Trophy WinnersGabby & Geoff Rigby 38 pts
Runners UpStuart & Elizabeth Hicks36 pts
3rdLady Vice Captain & Chairman35 pts BB9
4thRachael McDine & Campbell Swan35 pts BB9
Ladies Invitation - Brigadier Trophy Sun 3 May 2015PairScore
Brigadier Trophy WinnersJ Jarvis & P Artley75 pts
Runners UpA Edwards & P Harris73 Pts bb3
3rdA Crampton & E Harkins73 Pts